Step 3 – Your Marketing Audit

Ready for some quick wins?

Let’s get your social media platforms primed and ready for action. Each platform has its tab within the spreadsheet, so navigate to the two you use most frequently to kick things off. As with our other audits, y

Remember, these audits aren’t about perfection; they’re about progress. So roll up your sleeves, dive in, and start making marketing magic together!

Instructions: Click on each link to create a copy of the associated Google sheet with each audit. Move through each tab within the worksheets and change to yes, no, or n/a as it applies to your content.

After you complete all three audits, write down your top 3-5 takeaways in each category in a Google Doc, Word Doc , jpg or PDF and upload it to the assignment section below.

Next, you’ll move to the first sprint of the academy; building your marketing Framework!

*BETA TESTERS* Please review this lesson before moving to the next. (Click here to open in a new window)