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Hey there and welcome to DIY Marketing Academy!

I am so honored that you trust me to help you discover simple, effective ways to market your business. Whether you’re new to business ownership, looking to level up and scale, or run a marketing department solo and need to streamline and simplify, this course will teach you the basics of marketing.

How DIY Marketing Academy Started

One of my first “grown-up” jobs was a website content specialist at an academic health system in Florida. Before social media was even a thing hospitals did, I was working in the digital space. We started the Facebook page around 2008 (which seems like a lifetime ago), and my role slowly morphed into social media manager, responsible for the main pages and educating other staff members on social media content and management.

I needed to organically maintain a constant stream of good information with a nonexistent budget and no additional help and teach others to do the same.

I developed my FACE Framework at the organization over the next few years and taught my coworkers to use it to create content month after month. The system worked so well that I wanted to share it.

After several iterations and almost a decade later, here we are! I’m thrilled to introduce you to my system and help you transform your business marketing.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to understand your ideal customer
  • How to set goals for marketing
  • How to pick topics that inspire, educate, and entertain your audience, build trust, and lead them to buying
  • How to use templates and content calendars to write great content quickly – and repeat it month after month
  • How to automate and simplify tasks to do more with less time.
  • How to batch your content, including social media, blogging, and email marketing
  • How to evaluate your marketing and use it to improve
  • How to do all of the above in 5 hours a month or less – and with a nearly non-existent budget

Benefits of DIY Marketing Academy

  • Clarity in your message, voice, and tone so your customers and clients see the real you.
  • More time to work on the parts of your business you love instead of spending hours a day on marketing.
  • Boosted brand awareness.
  • More joy and less overwhelm.

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*note to beta testers – eventually this will be a 60 day program from setup to implementation, and students can repeat pillars every month to keep up with content.

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