Step 2 – Get to know the course and workbook

DIY Marketing Academy 101

Hey ! Welcome to the DIY Marketing Academy – your one-stop-shop for all things marketing. I’ve created this course just for you, the amazing small business owners who are ready to dive into the marketing world, but might feel a little lost in the jargon jungle. Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you every step of the way (with 20 years of experience doing all the marketing things!), without all the buzzwords and industry lingo.

Course Syllabus

My course was designed to break down the steps of creating a marketing plan methodically and intentionally. DIY Marketing Academy provides a solid foundation for pinpointing your ideal customer, the topics you should cover, goals for marketing, and your unique selling point. Next, you’ll learn how to create templates (or download the ones you’ll have access to here) to speed up your content creation and how to automate it on your own without the tech headaches. Finally, you’ll learn how to evaluate your marketing successes each month to keep improving as you cycle through the process again and again. I call this the FACE Framework: Foundation, Alignment, Cycling, Evaluation.

Here’s how we’ll break this down.

Each PIllar has short lessons with actionable, step-by-step activities to walk you through the FACE Framework process.

You’ll find your syllabus right on our student portal,. It’s like our treasure map to success.

Navigating Your Workbook

Each lesson includes a few workbook pages linked within the lesson and available on the Materials tab (see the image below for reference.) They will also sometimes include extra links to resources I talk about in the modules or Google Docs, folders, or other files for you to copy and use for yourself. Any Google or Canva file will be copied to your account.

I recommend downloading and printing workbook sections and keeping them in a binder or folder. You’ll also add completed activities to a digital Marketing Plan – a Google doc that combines all your work into a professional format.

Workbooks are designed to supplement DIY Marketing Academy lessons, so please have them downloaded on your computer!

In some areas in the workbook, I’ll ask you to duplicate your work into the Digital Marketing Strategy doc. Look for the Action Plan icon for those areas.

So, buckle up and prepare to take your business to new heights. And remember, the only bad question is the one not asked – so feel free to reach out whenever you need.

Let’s rock this marketing thing together, just like how we nail everything else in our businesses – with style, grace, and a lot of coffee!

Before You Begin

Before you start your DIY Marketing Academy journey, please take care of a handful of action items that will make your work much smoother:

  • Sign up for a Free Canva account
  • Create a folder in Google Drive or your own computer to keep all your files
  • Bookmark your student profile page which has links to all your enrolled courses
  • Don’t forget to join the Facebook group for quick questions and discussion
  • Add my email to your safe-send list

Next, it’s time to start with some quick wins in your Marketing Audit!