1c. Batch Blogging using AI

Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend.

Meet your new AI Virtual Marketing Assistant, Bea.

Bea is going to help you fill in the blanks of your blog plan to create content your visitors will crave, boost authority, and provide content for social media and email.

You’ll need:

First, build your prompt, which is the information you’ll share with Bea to make sure she knows how to help you. Replace the [content here] with your own information.

Write as a small business owner of [your type of business] , who [what is problem you solve] for [your ideal customer]. Write a blog in [blog type from 10 blog ideas sheet] format about [Pillar Planner Database topic]. The blog should be 500 words , including an engaging and unique introduction and conclusion. It should include [specifics of how your product solves the problem] and Also include [fill in any other information you want to ensure makes it to the blog].

Now, let Bea help you out! (As a reminder, Bea is powered by happy thoughts, honey, destroying the patriarchy, and ChatGPT, but your information is not stored in the DIY Marketing Academy!)