Funnel Buddy Email Marketing Tool


Meet Funnel Buddy – Your New Marketing Sidekick!

Running a small business and trying to DIY your marketing? I get it, it’s tough out there. That’s why I created Funnel Buddy – an interactive whiteboard that makes planning Facebook ad campaigns and email workflows a breeze, even if you’re a complete rookie.

With Funnel Buddy, you’ll be able to map out your marketing journey step-by-step. Think of it as your trusty guide from “What’s this company?” to “I’m this company’s BIGGEST fan!”

Here’s the scoop:

  • Visualize Your Process: Whether you’re plotting out ads or crafting email sequences, Funnel Buddy helps you see the big picture and make smart decisions.
  • Connect the Dots: Understand how your Facebook ads and email marketing work together to create magic.
  • Save Money: No more throwing cash at ads and emails that don’t perform. Funnel Buddy helps you avoid costly mistakes and get the most bang for your buck.

Packed with pre-built elements and customizable options, Funnel Buddy is here to turn your marketing chaos into a well-oiled machine. Ready to take your business from “meh” to “amazing”? Let Funnel Buddy show you the way! ????


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